PEK3 is not only a supplier of goods but also wants to provide you with the necessary back-up from start to finish in your procurement and manufacturing operations. Our staff ensure that your projects are properly supported from A to Z. Competent technical advice is at your disposal, via telephone or on site. Wherever, whenever you need it.

Design Service
We have our own in-house dedicated and experienced design team to help you to translate your concepts into competitively priced solutions with relevant drawings and component listing. Our specialist industry are experienced of different manufacturing  philosophies,  enabling us to support you in finding ergonomic, efficient solutions.

We believe firmly in the value of on-site training of your staff. Although EASYTUBE is easy to understand and to use, all new systems are inevitably met with skepticism and a certain reluctance to change. EASYTUBE is much more stable than it appears – this can lead to increased concerns about the suitability of the system. Our training is designed to change skeptisism into enthusiasm, to be enjoyable as well as a rewarding learning experience, it is hand-on and is not only related to your immediate project but to understand the concepts and limits of the system, leading to efficient and safe use in your environment.

CAD Library
Many customers have expressed their wish to design their structures in CAD form so that the identical structures can be built later to the same specifications. In response to this, our design team has generated a complete CAD library of all components in Solid Works. This library is available to customers on request. This enables various structures to be generated in CAD with exact measurements, the assemblies can be viewed from all angles, turned and stressed to see the effects of load on the structure and on the parts. Thus you can be sure to respect the requirements of production and of your safety officers.

Assembly Teams
Our experienced assembly teams are based in Poland, France, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia and Morocco. Thus we can provide assembling or pre-assembling in our branches or on location.

Choose your method…

  1. PEK3 designs, assembles and delivers – a customer driven service
  2. PEK3 designs and pre-assembles – the final assembling is provided by your staff
  3. PEK3 designs – you assemble from your stock of EASYTUBE parts
  4. PEK3 delivers parts – you design and assemble