The name „PEK3″ is closely associated with chemical products for the electronics industry – then this is where our company began. As time went on we have added hand tools, component counters, small manufacturing and rework equipment, ESD materials, cleaning rolls, packaging and sealing equipment, consumables and various other items to extend the range according to the changing needs of our customers
Recent additions include ESD chairs, protective shoes and clothing. The ever changing needs of the electronic industry requires constant awareness of the range, products which were state-of –the-art only last year are now standard, the life of products of course varies widely. When selecting new products and new suppliers, we always give preference to “best of class” rather than the “cheapest price”. This mirrors our maxim “Quality is the Future”.

Not only have the products in the range, but also the manufacturing locations changed over the years. When we opened our offices in Hungary and the Czech Republic in response to customer demand in the late 1990s we were among the first western European distributors on the market – now we are active in the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Ukraine in the East, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia in the West.

Our customers include not only some of the largest companies and best known names, but also the smaller operations, the innovative and progressive mid-sized companies. Technical support is a major justification for our job as a distributor, we offer close cooperation, samples and often work on developing new products with our customers and our suppliers.