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The modular pipe racking system for industry.

Welcome to PEK3.

PEK3 is an international company with a strong focus towards lean manufacturing products. We procure and sell goods which help our industrial customers optimise the way they organise and run their manufacturing businesses. We also design assemblies such as workstations, racking systems and assembly areas for our customers to help them use our products to improve their manufacturing processes. Our primary product line is called Easytube, a modular pipe racking system primarily used on assembly lines and workstations. For more examples, please visit our application showcase. Below you will find numerous benefits of Easytube applications.


Easytube pipe racking system is a fully flexible and versatile modular system in which structures are assembled instead of welded. Hence, you can disassemble, reassemble, exchange and extend any of your applications according to your wishes.
PEK3 Modular
PEK3 Cost-Effective


Our system components are easily reusable, so in most cases no additional purchases are required. In addition to ease of use, pipe and joint systems are generally known to be less expensive than comparable solutions such as aluminium profiles.

Simple Maintenance.

In most cases, the system should not require any maintenance at all, provided the construction has been executed properly. However, if you manage to damage one of your constructions, in most cases you only need to exchange some parts.

PEK3 Maintenance
PEK3 Clean

Clean & Safe.

Especially factories and workplaces adhering to the 5S workplace organization method will benefit from Easytube. Pipe racking systems are easily cleaned and particularly safe to work with. Due to the high re-usability, waste is avoided.

Rapid Assembly.

With the Easytube pipe racking system you can get to your construction ready in just a few steps. After drawing up the construction sketch, all you do is cut the pipes to the correct lengths and connect them to each other using joints.

PEK3 Rapid
PEK3 Stock

Easier Stock Keeping.

Due to the straightforward assortment of pipe and joints, stocks are much easier and cheaper to maintain. The system only has around 20 different joint types with approximately eight of them being more common connectors. This also simplifies restocking and has positive knock-on effects in space-saving and economy.

Proven Quality.

Our Easytube pipe racking system is based on the original Toyota system that was launched in the mid-60s. We are proud to be one of the largest suppliers in Europe and North Africa. This extremely versatile solution is suitable for storage, assembly, manufacturing, distribution and material handling businesses – in short, for almost anyone!

PEK3 Quality
PEK3 Stability


For heavier requirements we can use the appropriate pipe wall thickness, additional construction elements and our well-tested square frames, which offer additional stability at a comparatively low cost.

Less Space Requirement.

Due to the lesser spatial requirements of our pipe and joint applications, expensive storage and production areas can be used much more efficiently with the same stability. Correctly implemented, this could increase total output and productivity.

PEK3 Space
PEK3 Continuous Improvement

Optimal 'Kaizen' Tool.

The simplicity of the EASYTUBE pipe racking system and its comparatively low cost provides abundant opportunities to implement the ‘Kaizen’ principle. Improvements can be realized swiftly and cheaply. Kaizen goes beyond most “quality circle” or similar approaches.

Eco Friendly.

Pipe racking systems are less wasteful, and thus innately cost-efficient. Almost all components can be reused or recycled. Our Pipe Cutting Optimization Tool aids you in determining the optimal cutting lengths and thus reduce waste and improvement of current processes.

PEK3 Eco

Would you like to see Easytube in action?

Have a look at our more detailed product pages or visit our application showcase.

At your service.

PEK3 is proud to call itself not only a well-known distributor but also a well-respected service provider among our industry partners. We consistently aim to provide the utmost quality in both product and service to ensure our customers are satisfied with the results. Below you will find a few of our valued clients and the areas in which we can assist you.


Our experienced technicians come visit you, make recommendations on how Easytube pipe racking system is best implemented. Your requirements are then used to draw up designs for an application specifically tailored to your use-case.
PEK3 Consulting
PEK3 Design


In most cases our customers require us to design the applications for them, which is no problem at all. Our sales team works closely together with our technical drawers to provide you with the most useful designs possible.


As soon as all technical details have been discussed and agreed; we can commence building the assemblies. We supply a prototype for your inspection. The assembly takes place either on your premises or ours. Your advantage: your staff are not tied down.
PEK3 Assembly Easytube
PEK3 Training


As we know, everything is easier said than done. But when it comes to Easytube pipe racking system, all that is necessary is cutting and joining the pipes with the right components to build whatever one desires, we can train you so you can achieve this by yourself.

CAD-Library Sharing.

PEK3 is happy to provide a 3D library in a variety of CAD formats (STEP, IGES, SKP) containing all parts of the Easytube system. This is supplied on request to customers who wish to design their application in the comfort of their office.
PEK3 CAD Library
PEK3 Cut

Pre-Cut Optimisation App.

For your convenience, you can find a free web application which will aid you in optimizing the pipe lengths you will need to cut to build your application. We specifically designed this tool to make sure as little material as possible is wasted.

Pipe Bending Load App.

Additionally, we provide another web application which calculates the maximum load a specific Easytube configuration can be exposed to. While Easytube is highly durable and stable, it does have its limits, which should not be exceeded.

PEK3 Bending

Frequently Asked Questions.

We always aim to answer all questions as openly and concisely as possible. Below you will find some fo the most commonly asked questions, posed by some of our already existing customers. Should your question still not have found its answer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

1. Do you have any example applications to showcase?

Certainly, multiple actually. Feel free to select “Application Showcase” on the navigation pane once you’re ready or simply click here to move there now.

2. Is it possible to reuse the pipes and joints?​

As a rule, all pipes and connection clamps can be reused several times. But please check again that everything is intact.

3. How do I learn to use the system?

We offer you an individual workshop so that you can handle the Easytube pipe racking system adeptly and independently. In this workshop you will learn the basics of Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing and the Muda Principle as well as the practical realization.

4. How do I turn my idea into a finished application?​

First, the brainstorming takes place on your premises. In the best case, you visualize your idea with a sketch and send it to us together with your requirement profile. Our team will check the practicability and contact you again if it is necessary. If everything is alright, you will receive a free Easytube pipe racking system CAD drawing. Subsequently, you decide whether you want to order the material and build it yourself or you want us to build your construction for you.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Feel free to contact us at any time to ask questions or to arrange for a free consultation.

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