Modular industrial pipe racking system

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PEK3 pipe racking system
Easytube, our main product line, is a modular pipe racking system used primarily in assembly lines and for workstations. See our application examples for illustrations. The numerous benefits of the Easytube system are described below.
PEK3 Arbeitsplatzsystem – modulares Rohrsystem

Benefits of the pipe racking system

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The Easytube pipe racking system

The Easytube pipe racking system is a very flexible and highly versatile modular system with bolted rather than welded joints. This means you can alter, expand, disassemble and reassemble each of your solutions as desired. Our system components are reusable so that buying replacement parts is unnecessary in most cases.

The Easytube pipe racking system generally needs no maintenance, provided the setup and assembly are properly completed – and we are happy to help you with that.

PEK3 Easytube modulares Rohrstecksystem

Easytube is especially beneficial for factories and workstations using the 5S or 6S workplace organisation method. The pipe racking system is easy to clean and very safe to use. Waste is avoided because the components are reusable.

With the Easytube pipe racking system, you can realise your design in just a few steps. The compact and easy to understand selection of pipes and joints makes stock keeping and management much simpler and more cost-effective.

The Easytube story

Our Easytube pipe racking system is based on the original Toyota system that was brought to market in the mid-1960s and improved, optimised and expanded multiple times. We at PEK3 are proud to now be one of the largest European suppliers with this internationally standardised lean tool.
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Customer feedback

Frequently asked questions.

We always strive to answer your questions openly and precisely. You will find some of the questions most commonly asked by our customer below. If you don’t find the answer to a question, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

1. Do you have any application examples to showcase?

Certainly, quite a few in fact. Just select “Application showcase” in the navigation pane or simply click here to go there now.

2. Is it possible to reuse pipes and joints?

Yes, all pipes and pipe joints can be used multiple times as a rule. Please do inspect all components to ensure they are undamaged and in good condition.

3. How can I learn to use the system?

We offer workshops tailored to your needs so you can use the Easytube pipe racking system competently and independently. Here you learn the basics of Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing and the Muda principle as well as their practical implementation.

4. How do I get from the idea to the final application?

Brainstorming on your premises is the first step. Ideally you visualise your idea with a sketch and send this to us along with your concrete requirements. Our team performs a feasibility review and contacts you again if necessary. Once everything is clear, you receive a free CAD drawing for the Easytube pipe racking system. You then decide whether you want to order the material – optionally precut and preconfigured – and build it yourself, or if you want us to deliver your fully assembled and tested system.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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