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Racking constructed using the Easytube pipe racking system from PEK3 is much more than just storage. The sophisticated system optimises the work processes in your business and opens up boundless possibilities. With the Easytube pipe racking system, you revolutionise your company’s infrastructure – you don’t need to adapt because we fully customise your workstations to meet your needs.

Imagine a system so versatile that it seamlessly integrates with all of your work processes. Consult us for your workbenches, flow racks, transport trolleys or other individual industrial racking needs. We have the expertise to develop an optimum solution for your processes. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

PEK3 Easytube: Fields of application

PEK3 Easytube offers individual solutions for:

  • Dynamic flow racking systems
  • Workstations
  • Assembly lines
  • Cell delivery systems
  • FIFO picking systems
  • A wide range of racking
  • Creepers and transport trolleys
  • Assembly and packing tables
  • Kit systems
  • Notice boards and information signs
  • Conveyor belts…

Process and versions

We support the realisation of your custom solution for the Easytube pipe racking system and workstations with strategic, visionary process design. A site visit helps us understand your specific needs and allows us to evaluate your existing facilities. Our experts assist you with their specialised knowledge, helping you choose the appropriate system. We then prepare an individual offer with a preliminary design for you.

PEK3 Arbeitsplatzsysteme / Workstation Systems
PEK3 Packtischsysteme | Packing Table Systems

Easytube pipe racking system –
a complete solution from one source

We are your partner of choice for complete workstation solutions. Workstations designed by PEK3 redefine efficiency and ergonomics. Our services go far beyond supplying the Easytube pipe racking system. We strive to create workstations that not only deliver convincing functionality. We offer integrated solutions with an ergonomic design, improving the well-being and productivity of your employees.

This includes optimal light design and visibility, monitor and keyboard holders, lighting, sit-stand chairs, ergonomic work mats to prevent fatigue and more. With PEK3, you are not only investing in the Easytube pipe racking system or workbenches but in the integrated and lasting improvement of your company’s quality of work.

Efficient Easytube pipe racking system –
application examples for the PEK3 joint system

The PEK3 pipe racking system sets new standards for quality and durability. Every element of our system is designed to withstand the demands of industrial environments. Whether you choose the stainless steel, plastic-coated or powder-coated pipe version, we use high-grade steel for your construction needs. We also offer ESD-compliant solutions for sensitive electronics applications, providing added protection against electrostatic discharge. The sturdy joints made of nickel-plated or black painted clamps are precision bolted for maximum strength. This ensures high stability and also makes it possible to quickly retrofit the system, adapting it to new conditions and requirements.

Reusability is a key feature of the cost-effective, long-lasting Easytube pipe racking system. You can simply disassemble the system components and use them for new configurations. This not only conserves resources but also reduces costs. The modular system’s flexibility makes it ideal for constructing tailor-made workstations, assembly stations and individual racking systems that integrate perfectly with workshops, factory buildings and warehouses.

You can order the shelves for our Easytube pipe racking system in various materials according to your needs.


Packing table systems

Assembly station system

Transport trolleys

Picking trolleys

PEK3 is your high-performance partner

The PEK3 pipe racking system meets a wide range of requirements in dynamic industrial environments. Talk to us. We are happy to advise you!

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