ESD equipment

ESD equipment

In PEK3’s wide range of products you will find everything to do with ESD materials for the electronics industry. It is very important to us to offer complete solutions that include storage and packaging equipment, personal protective equipment as well as workplace and test equipment.

Product categories

  • Component counters
  • ESD measuring devices
  • ESD – test devices for self grounding
  • Drying cabinets
  • Convection ovens
  • Film sealers
  • Component processing
  • Treston workbenches, cabinets and chairs
  • Transport trolleys
  • Table mats and grounding
  • Floors
  • ESD personal equipment
  • ESD containers and SMD coil stands
  • ESD packaging
  • ESD racks

Further details on the products can also be found in our download area.

PEK3 ESD Testgeräte zur Personenerdung
Test devices for personnel grounding
PEK3 ESD Personenausstattung
ESD personal equipment
PEK3 ESD Messgeräte
ESD measuring devices
PEK3 ESD Bauteilezähler
Component counter
PEK3 ESD Umluftofen
Convection ovens
PEK3 ESD Zutrittskontrolle
Access control

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