PEK3 EasyTube Edelstahlrohre Produktteil

Stainless Steel Pipe

This is undoubtedly the material of choice for clean rooms, applications where the cosmetics are important or where aggressive chemicals which could attack plastic coatings are in use. Many electronic companies also choose stainless pipe also, which is available in various wall thicknesses.

Powder Coated Pipe

Is the most economical solution, provides a chemical and scratch resistant surface, can be supplied in different colours and of course different wall thicknesses. An efficient rust inhibitor is used on the inside.

Plastic Coated Pipe

Is the most commonly used pipe. Our pipe is first surface treated, then an adhesive applied to fix the virgin ABS plastic coating. An efficient corrosion inhibitor is applied to the inside of the pipe. Different colours and wall thicknesses are available. The quality and type of steel we use ensures strength and flexibility, maximum resistance to corrosion. We are happy to send you a small sample for you to check.

PEK3 is your high-performance partner

The PEK3 pipe connector system meets the most diverse requirements in dynamic industrial environments. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!

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