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From the warehouse to the workshop or office – transport trolleys are unbeatable for quickly transporting goods from A to B. The combination of a platform, wheels and handle is both simple and ingenious. A versatile platform truck from PEK3 easily handles a wide variety of transport tasks in your operation. Our modular pipe racking system gives you the flexibility you need.
PEK3 Transportwagen | Transport Trolleys

Benefits of transport trolleys over other industrial trucks

Compared to a forklift or pallet truck – the most common industrial trucks – transport trolleys have advantages that cannot be ignored. They are used in all situations where forklifts or pallet trucks are too long, too wide or too high. Examples include narrow office corridors, confined workshops or rooms of unusually low height. Unlike forklifts and pallet trucks, transport trolleys can easily turn on the spot thanks to their ball bearing mounted wheels. Plus: Most transport trolleys have no electric drive, making them much quieter than electric pallet trucks and forklifts – ideal for use in offices, libraries, archives, laboratories and administration.

Platform sizes and load capacity – key criteria for platform trucks

Transport trolleys come in a wide range of designs. Some platforms are made of aluminium, others of stainless steel, wood or PE. Which platform truck you choose depends primarily on the goods you are transporting. You need a different transport trolley to transport lightweight mailbags, paper or files than for heavy machines, rod materials or barrels. Aside from the platform size, you should therefore consider the load capacity as a key criterion in making your selection (or in construction using the PEK3 pipe racking system). Plastic transport trolleys are suitable for transporting loads up to 260 kg. Loads up to 500 kg can be transported with some of the most robust steel transport trolleys. The type of wheels is another selection criterion. Here you have a choice of plate type or stem type wheels, braked, swivelling or fixed – also ESD-compliant if needed.
PEK3 Transportwagen | Transport Trolleys

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The innovative PEK3 pipe racking system delivers maximum flexibility for every transport trolley

PEK3 offers cost-effective, low-maintenance system components for the design of individual, solution-specific transport trolleys in every industry. Using modular components from PEK3 you reduce both the maintenance requirements and costs for repeat orders and expansions – without sacrificing durability and safety. The pipe racking system based on modules allows quick switching to and changing of your trolleys. The benefits of the modular system are even more tangible when fixing the goods to be conveyed or for flexible storage during the transport in racks/on partition panels.
PEK3 Transportwagen | Transport Trolleys
PEK3 Transportwagen | Transport Trolleys

Practical application examples

PEK3 transport trolleys and platform trucks are used in all branches of industry, trades and administration. Typical applications include:
Thanks to our system’s modular design, the possible solutions for various applications are virtually limitless. Adding accessories such as electric drives or mountings for scanners or bottles is also no problem.

The bottom line:
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We are happy to advise you in person if you have questions about the design or application of transport trolleys. Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty or with a non-slip platform – PEK3 is always ready to assist you. We tackle your project together!

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