Metal accessories

PC-A Metallklemme

PC-A Metal clamp

PC-A1 Metal clamp

PC-B Metal clamp (single)

PC-C Metal Clamp (double)

PC-D Bottle cap

P-CON-A Tube connector (for SSP-2812)

P-CON-B Tube connector (for CP-2810)

CM-A Clamp bracket (small)

CM-B Clamp bracket (large)

PH-A Metal accessory

PH-B-H Metal accessory

BH-B Eye hook

HOOK-1 S-Hook

HOOK-2 S-Hook

TH-50 Tool holder

TH-08L Tool holder

TH-01 Tool holder

CH-2010 Bottle/can holder

DIS-01 Semi-automatic discharge system

FH-A Drawbar combination

FH-B Drawbar combination

SBAL Balancer

BAL Balancer

FH-200-WH Forklift guidance

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