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Wherever goods are picked and packaged, appropriate workstations need to be set up to perform manual tasks efficiently. After all, many products cannot be prepared for shipment by machines in a fully automated process. Since the goods and requirements differ from one company to the next, rigid standard solutions are of little help. That is why PEK3 takes a different approach.

Our picking and packing tables are based on the Easytube modular pipe racking system developed by us especially for modern lean manufacturing. They can be adapted to the individual needs of every operation and also take employee needs and ergonomics into account.

PEK3 Packtischsysteme | Packing Table Systems

Smart and flexible packing table systems

With Easytube, various worktops (Resopal, phenolic plywood, chipboard, ESD-compliant worktops) and other accessories, you can configure each picking and packing workstation so that all required materials and tools are stored within reach, supporting a smooth workflow. Whether you need individual picking tables, a packing table with integrated roller track or want to set up a comprehensive packing line, our packing table systems are fully customisable. We are also happy to assist you with planning and can offer valuable tips and suggested solutions based on our experience.

Focus on ergonomics

Science has proven that sitting as well as standing for long periods of time is physically taxing because of the very one-sided strain this puts on the joints and muscles. Occupational health practitioners have repeatedly spoken out in favour of regularly switching between sitting down and standing up. Each workstation should therefore have height-adjustable packing tables and, if possible, sit-stand chairs to relieve strain on the back muscles, spine and legs.

The proper arrangement of the most frequently used work equipment is another feature of an ergonomic packing table. When standing, work equipment should be between hip and chest height to prevent excessive bending and stretching. All of these aspects support the natural movements of employees and ensure good blood circulation, preventing chronic back pain and herniated discs.

PEK3 Packtischsysteme | Packing Table Systems

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More about ergonomic workstation design.

Less is more

Our Easytube pipe racking system comprises just a few different elements that can be assembled into flexible structures of any size. All components are bolted, not welded, making them quick and easy to disassemble at any time and subsequently reassemble in different configurations when your processes change. Reusable elements and the option of buying additional components as needed make our packing table systems a cost-effective alternative to other solutions.
PEK3 Packtischsysteme | Packing Table Systems
PEK3 Packtischsysteme | Packing Table Systems

High stability

The Easytube pipes are made of steel and can be supplied in various wall thicknesses. Thus they are also suitable for high-weight applications. Combined with durable worktops, they offer an ideal solution for shipping and logistics, even under harsh conditions. You benefit from the very long service life of your picking and packing tables.

Take advantage of our competent advice for packing table systems

PEK3 has realised numerous projects across Europe and in many non-European countries, serving a wide variety of industries in the process. We have a large pool of application examples and support you as a source of ideas with all our knowledge and experience. Please contact us and describe your project so that we can advise you in detail – naturally at no charge. Together we are sure to find a custom solution for your packing table systems that is tailored to your needs.

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