Modular picking trolley
indispensable equipment for shipment preparation.

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Picking trolleys are indispensable equipment for shipment preparation in any warehouse, regardless of the industry and the goods being shipped. For optimal organisation and efficient workflows, they should be tailored to the respective use – for cartons, individual containers, or small and large parts, for example.

With Easytube, the modular pipe racking system from PEK3, you can tailor picking trolleys to your company’s needs – with our active support if desired. The advantages of modular picking trolleys are obvious: They can be quickly converted for many different tasks and are cost-effective over the long term because the same components are used time and time again.

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Ultimate flexibility with Easytube

Easytube was developed by PEK3 and has been expanding and advancing the possibilities of lean manufacturing for our customers since 2007. The modular system comprises a variety of reusable components including robust steel pipes, pipe joints, roller tracks, fasteners and other accessories.

We emphasise the quality of the steel as well as the coating and surface finish of the pipes and connecting elements to meet the high demands of our customers who prefer durable products at competitive prices. By complying with international standards, Easytube is also compatible with the products of other manufacturers – another convincing benefit for our customers.

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New combinations are always possible

All components are bolted, not welded, so that new solutions can be created time and time again without having to purchase replacement parts. With proper assembly, damage is rare in the course of normal use so that maintenance and repairs are reduced to a minimum. You can customise your modular picking trolley at any time with a few tools, for example, to enable picking several different orders simultaneously, saving time and reducing costs.

Numerous ideas and application examples are presented on our website, showing how picking trolleys and carts in various configurations and sizes can be designed and bolted together with Easytube. Thanks to the sturdy materials, picking and moving heavy weights is straightforward as well. Greater flexibility in shipment preparation is difficult to imagine.

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Service you can count on

Our established customers not only value our products but also our excellent service. You want to learn more about the possibilities and advantages offered by our system? Please contact us and get detailed advice from our team. With our expertise and free pipe cutting optimisation tool, we can offer many ideas to meet the needs of your operation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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