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Durability versus flexibility – as the person in charge of assembly or an industrial enterprise, you probably know that meeting both of these criteria isn’t always easy. At PEK3, we have made it our mission to develop workstations for logistics, assembly and production that meet both requirements (and do so much more): Steel as the material for our Easytube pipe racking system ensures the necessary durability while the modular design provides flexibility.

PEK3 Arbeitsplatzsysteme / Workstation Systems

Practical modular system, quick to disassemble and reassemble

Employees in assembly and production frequently have to respond to new requirements very quickly. An urgent new order or unexpected complaint often means that the workstation has to be adapted within a few minutes. PEK3 workstation systems are predestined for all applications where flexibility is not just a buzzword but an everyday reality. The modular design of our workstation systems permits our customers to set up and take down individual components quickly, depending on their current needs. The respective elements with plug connections are bolted together – with no loss of stability, naturally – instead of the time-consuming welding used in other systems. This saves time that is proven to increase productivity in your business.

Ergonomics – PEK3 industrial workstation systems set new standards

Setting up customised and/or handicapped accessible workstations poses a mayor challenge for many companies. As a specialist for lean manufacturing on the one hand and ergonomics on the other, PEK3 is the ideal partner for your logistics company or industrial enterprise. Our proven Easytube workstation systems set themselves apart with height adjustment, customisation and simplicity. Even complex assembly or production tasks can be completed quickly, safely and easily with the help of our workstation systems for logistics companies. After preparing a simple design sketch, our experts (or the professionals in your company) can quickly design a workstation that is perfectly tailored to the respective employee and their specific tasks. Handicapped accessible workstations can be realised as well.
PEK3 Arbeitsplatzsysteme / Workstation Systems

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More about ergonomic workstation design.

Clean and safe workstations improve employee satisfaction

Cleanliness and safety are high on the agenda, and not just for companies that subscribe to the world-leading 6S organisational method. A systematic, safe and clean arrangement of the individual components required to complete the task at hand makes the workstation a place where employees feel at home and are able to work efficiently. PEK3 workstation systems for assembly are not only fast and efficient to set up and alter, they are also easy to clean. This means they meet the prerequisites for high productivity under flawless hygienic conditions. The robust pipe racking system also meets the highest occupational health and safety standards – another benefit of this innovative system.

PEK3 Arbeitsplatzsysteme / Workstation Systems
PEK3 Arbeitsplatzsysteme / Workstation Systems

Why PEK3? What we offer our customers

When you want to integrate modern industrial workstation systems into your workflow, consulting external experts is often unavoidable due to the complexity of the requirements and the market. At PEK3, we are happy to answer all your questions that arise in designing workstations for your company. We visit you on site, assist you with technical matters even before you place an order and assemble your solution(s) once all details have been clarified. We also take your wishes into account in the design and look after the (surprisingly quick) training of your employees in the use of the new workstation system.

The bottom line:
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The first step is quick and easy: Give us a call and tell us what you need. We are always available at no charge and happy to listen to your ideas for assembly workstation systems. With our modular pipe racking system, we provide an optimal tool for the lasting improvement of your production processes and company culture.

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