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Industrial Cleaner

We have been a partner of QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. in Germany for many years. The various pre-impregnated wipes, chemicals and sprays are used worldwide in various industries, including microelectronics, optics, semiconductors, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, automotive and aerospace. All products in the range are guaranteed RoHS compliant and 100% lead free. QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. carries out stringent quality control procedures to ensure the consistently high standard of quality and reliability required for the manufacture of high-end electronics.

Stencil Clean Fluid, Wipes and Spray

The QTEK range of pre-saturated wipes are manufactured with an exceptionally high-quality polyester wipe roll. Reusabe tubs with flip-top lids contain the pre-saturated perforated roll wipe and are ideal for work stations in production areas. The tubs of 100 wipes are complimented by replacement refill packs of 100 pre-sat wipes which are intended to provide a cost & enviromental saving for continuous usage.

QTEK Schablonenreinigungs-Flüssigkeit, Tücher und Sprays

Stencil Clean Fluid, Wipes and Spray

  • Formulated specifically for the removal of stencil contaminants
  • Has a particular affinity for solder paste residue
  • Removes contaminants cleanly and without scouring the stencil surface
  • Odour-free and evaporates quickly to leave surfaces clean and dry
  • Typical uses: Underscreen cleaning, misprinted PCBs, spatulas, printer interiors

Part No.



Stencil Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


Stencil Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)


Stencil Clean Spray (500ml)


Stencil Clean Spray (1 Litre)


Stencil Clean Fluid (5 Litre)

QTEK Klebstoffentferner Flüssigkeit, Tücher und Spray

Adhesive Remover Fluid, Wipes and Spray

  • Removes misprinted adhesives and pastes before they cure and attach themselves to screens or PCBs.
  • Strong, yet non-destructive cleaning product, fast evaporating and odour-free.
  • Ideal accompaniment to in-line cleaning systems where adhesives are dispensed

Part No.



Adhesive Remover Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


Adhesive Remover Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)


Adhesive Remover Spray (500ml)


Adhesive Remover Spray (1 Litre)

QTEK ESD-Matten- und Arbeitsplatten-Reinigungstücher und Spray

ESD Mat & Worktop Clean Wipes and Spray

  • Multi-purpose static dissipative cleaner designed to extend the life of ESD mats and work surfaces
  • EASY to use, spray-on or wipe off
  • Contains no alkali or ammonia
  • Removes flux residue, oil marks, grease and other contaminants

Part No.



ESD Mat & Worktop Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


ESD Mat & Worktop Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)


ESD Mat & Worktop Clean Spray (500ml)


ESD Mat & Worktop Clean Spray (1 Litre)


Machine Clean Wipes

  • Cleans parts quickly and effectively after exposure to industrial dirt and grime
  • Particularly effective on stains such as glues, solders or greases
  • Ideal for use on a production line, reducing down time when equipment and parts require cleaning
  • Fortified with a citrus scent for a pleasant and fresh odour

Part No.



Machine Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


Machine Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)

Cleaning fluids and wipes

QTEK range of cleaning fluids and wipes are saturated with premium solvents in easy to-use and unique flip-top containers. Our wipe products are impregnated with a chemistry designed specifically for industrial cleaning tasks, such as solder paste removal, glass cleaning, or bench/worktop sterilisation. All QTEK solvents are available in 500ml or 1 litre spray bottles with a convenient trigger-action & on/off swith.


Pure IPA Fluid, Wipes and Spray

  • 100 % Isopropyl alcohol
  • Leaves surfaces and product free of contaminants
  • No residue, no rinsing and 100% VOC, ensuring ecaporation without a trace
  • Extremly low linting and highly absorbent wipes
  • General purpose cleaner that can be used throughout the production process

Part No.



Pure IPA Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


Pure IPA Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)


Pure IPA Spray (500ml)


Pure IPA Spray (1 Litre)


Pure IPA Fluid (5 Litre)

IPA/DI Flüssigkeit, Wischtücher und Spray

IPA/DI Fluid, Wipes and Spray

  • 70 % Isopropyl alcohol, 30 % de-ionised water
  • General purpose cleaner that can be used through out a production process
  • Evaporates quickly without trace after cleaning has been completed
  • Leaves surfaces and items free of contaminants

Part No.



IPA/DI Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


IPA/DI Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)


IPA/DI Pre-Saturated Wipes (Bucket of 250)


IPA/DI Spray (500ml)


IPA/DI Spray (1 Litre)


IPA/DI Fluid (5 Litre)

Cleaning wipes

The QTEK cleaning wipes are impregnated with high-quality solvents and are used in particular for removing soldering pastes, cleaning glass or sterilising tables and work surfaces. All QTEK solvents are available in 500ml or 1 litre spray bottles.

Opti Clean Tücher und Spray

Opti Clean Wipes and Spray

  • Ideal for use on VDU screens, glass components, lenses and inspection/metrology equipment
  • Works quickly and effectively to keep glass / optical surfaces crystal clear
  • No rinse necessary, perfect for cleaning after final assembly

Part No.



Opti Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


Opti Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)


Opti Clean Spray (500ml)


Hand Sanitising Wipes

  • Perforated roll of 100 polyester wipes
  • Hand sanitising lotion containing an antibacterial additive and moisturiser
  • Does not dry out the hands
  • Wipe is low-linting and soft
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Dermatologically tested

Part No.



Hand Sanitising Pre-Saturated Wipes (100 Wipes)


Hand Sanitising Pre-Saturated Wipes (Refill 100)

Dry wipes

QTEK dry wipes are made from tough, durable materials that are resistant to tearing disintegration, but also will not scratch or scrape sensitive surfaces. Made from highly absorbent non-woven fabrics for removing spills or misprints, our range of wipes are low linting and have excellent wetting characteristics. Each wipe is effective both as a dry wipe and for using together with cleaning chemistries.

QTEK PEK3 SMT Trockentücher

SMT Wipes

  • Ideal as a general purpose cleanroom wipe
  • Ultralow particle generation and chemical extractables
  • Excellent tensile, tear and bursting strengths
  • Superabsorbent non-woven wipe absorbs up to four times its own weight
  • Manufactured using advanced hydro-entanglement technology

Part No.



SMT Wipes 225x225mm (300 Wipes)

Micro Fine Pitch Reinigungstücher

Micro Fine Pitch Screen Rolls

  • Enhanced fabric flexibility and softness enables cleaning of difficult to reach parts of the stencil
  • Multi-dimensional texture traps foreign particles
  • Designed for use on abrasive surface
  • No binders, surfactants or other chemical additive

Part No.



Screen Cleaning Roll 400 mm


Screen Cleaning Roll 515 mm

Cleanmaster Reinigungsrolle

Cleanmaster Wipe Rolls

  • Perforated roll wipes for manual cleaning of screen printing stencils.
  • Made from industry-leading materials
  • Low linting and very absorbant and highly effective cleaning properies
  • The rolls can be mounted on bench or wall stands for easy dispensing if required
  • Polyester 45%, Cellulose 55%
  • Manufacturing process in compliance with ISO 9001 quality systems
  • 300 sheets per roll

Part No.



Cleanmaster Wipe Roll 200x260mm (Roll 300)


Cleanmaster Wipe Roll 300x350mm (Roll 300)

Mehrzweck-Reinigungsrolle Blau

Multipurpose Wipe Roll Blue

  • Perforated roll wipes Extremely tough and durable wipe in both wet and dry applications
  • Exceptionally low-linting and contains no additives or binders
  • Soaks up to several times its weight in water and effectively absorbs oil and solvents
  • Polyester 45%, Cellulose 55%
  • Ideal for wide range of applications including automotive, machinery repair, aviation, manufacturing and more
  • Manufacturing process in compliance with ISO 9001
  • 500 sheets per roll

Part No.



Multipurpose Wipe Roll, 380x300mm, blue, (500 Roll)

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