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Precision assembly work demands a high level of concentration all day long to prevent mistakes – otherwise, defective products may end up leaving your operation. This would lead to economic losses and your reputation with customers would suffer. At the same time, assembly station systems need to be ergonomically designed so your employees are comfortable and free of physical complaints, even after a long day at work.

An ergonomic workstation in production and assembly promotes good health, motivation and increased efficiency. With corresponding solutions from PEK3, you also gain flexibility because our Easytube pipe racking system with its modular principle can be adapted to changes in your operating processes quickly and easily.

Criteria for industrial workbenches –
key points.

Features that distinguish a good workbench include:
  • The height of the workbench should be adjustable. Height-adjustable workbenches can be adapted to the body height of the worker as well as the size of the components being assembled.
  • A caster base is important if the workbench needs to be mobile and steerable. A workbench with casters can be moved to a different location in the workshop or production hall, depending on the production process and operational needs.
  • The size of the work surface is a key criterion. It has to be appropriate for the task being performed. Expandability should be given.
  • The workbench should be suited for various work surfaces made of different materials such as beech wood, Resopal or metal. A tear-resistant, non-slip and scratch-resistant surface is desirable.
PEK3 Montagetischsysteme / Assembly Workstations
  • Industrial workbenches should have sufficient storage space (drawers).
  • Superstructures and substructures expand the range of applications for the workbench.
  • A back board provides space for tools and storage bins.
  • A locker should be provided if required.
  • Energy and/or media supply components should be easy to integrate when needed.
PEK3 Montagetischsysteme / Assembly Workstations

People are essential

Advances in robotics and automation notwithstanding, tasks still exist today that need to be performed manually by qualified employees. This may be due to the complexity or variability of the products, small quantities that make automation uneconomical, or custom solutions.

When setting up a specific assembly workstation, always consider the person who will be working at that station. Every employee is different. Take the body height, for example. A short person has different workstation design needs than a tall person. Movement patterns are different for left-handed and right-handed people. A rigid, cookie-cutter solution is therefore of no help.

Ergonomic assembly station systems with a variable design are a worthwhile investment in employee health and satisfaction. It’s commonly known that satisfied employees are more productive and efficient. Thus you are investing in your company’s profitability as well.

Ergonomics and flexibility

An ergonomic workstation in production needs to be flexible enough so it can be easily adjusted at any time. This includes height-adjustable tables, appropriate chairs and standing aids, and the ability to arrange storage for the necessary work equipment as desired. Space for a computer, monitor and keyboard is often needed because digitalisation is advancing into areas such as the manual assembly of components and other products as well.

Adaptability ensures that employee turnover does not result in efficiency losses that can negatively affect quality in production. Thus you avoid unnecessary costs.

PEK3 Montagetischsysteme / Assembly Workstations

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More about ergonomic workstation design.

Design of assembly station systems with Easytube

The Easytube pipe racking system developed and perfected by PEK3 in combination with additional elements is the ideal solution for the design of a flexible and ergonomic assembly station. Thanks to the modular design, any configuration you need can be assembled and, when needed, disassembled, changed or expanded, because all components are bolted rather than welded. High-quality steel pipes and diligent production control at PEK3 ensure that our products last a very long time.

PEK3 Montagetischsysteme / Assembly Workstations

Benefit from our wealth of experience

You want to learn more about the many possibilities for the flexible and ergonomic design of your assembly station systems? If so, please contact us. We will advise you in detail regarding our Easytube pipe racking system and are happy to show you past projects we have realised across Europe and in many other countries. On request, we also provide direct support for your planned projects with our knowledge and experience so you receive the best possible solution to meet your needs.

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