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Tugger train carts are a vital part of internal transportation, transshipment and warehousing processes in many larger operations. An intelligently configured tugger train network improves efficiency and eco-friendliness, reduces accident hazards and speeds up the movement of materials, shipments and products. PEK3 offers high-quality products in the tugger train segment. Always at fair prices and with the best service.

PEK3 Routenzugwagen

Logistics trains offer numerous benefits

Tugger trains play a very important role in internal transportation, transshipment and warehousing processes. Many larger operations with their own shipping chain use this means of transport, also known as logistics trains, for the easy and uncomplicated movement of materials, packages and products. As industrial trucks, tugger trains with their carts are used for the “just in time” transport of a variety of goods. One of the major advantages of tugger train carts is that multiple different load carriers can be moved in one trip. This significantly increases productivity compared to other means of transport in warehousing and logistics! Tugger trains are therefore known as a highly economical and reliable solution for the internal horizontal flow of materials for good reason.

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Tugger train carts as part of an automated logistics system

Tugger train carts as part of an automated logistics system move about effortlessly in warehouses, shipping departments and production halls of various sizes. The system is based on wheeled industrial trucks. Tugger trains can be used, for example, for moving various materials, parts or modules between warehouses, production lines or shipping points. As a proven method for automated transportation in production, shipping or warehousing, they are very efficient for the movement of goods, for example, from one place to another. Where such a process used to be laborious and time-consuming, requiring a great deal of effort from the employees involved, modern tugger trains are able to complete formerly difficult transportation tasks quickly and reliably. It is however important to use proven systems of high quality with sturdy route train carts. PEK3 offers exactly the right products to meet these requirements!

PEK3 Routenzugwagen

Simplify the transport of goods in your company

Modern tugger train systems not only make the everyday transportation of goods within a company easier. They also help with meeting peaks in demand and reliably reaching the established production targets. Instead of moving the carts that are often rather heavy and unwieldy by hand, this task can be automated with tugger trains. They also ensure that all applicable safety standards can be met. Warehousing and logistics employees can therefore dedicate themselves to more sophisticated tasks when they are freed from the bothersome movement of goods. The tugger train system consisting of towing vehicles, carts and the appropriate infrastructure is therefore ideally suited for effectively minimising (reducing) a company’s accident rate and measurably reducing emissions for internal transportation, transshipment and warehousing processes.

Numerous possibilities for tugger train carts

PEK3 is your partner of choice if you are interested in high-quality carts for tugger train systems. Why? It’s quite simple, really: We offer carts of top quality that meet your company’s needs precisely. Especially if you are operating in an industry where time is a key success factor and where adhering to certain production, delivery and storage cycles is essential. This is exactly where the tugger train system can be the solution you have been searching for! Procuring and configuring a tugger train system significantly improves occupational health and safety for your employees. Physical strain is reduced and efficiency is significantly improved. Thus you can improve the working atmosphere and also score points in terms of your company’s ecological performance and image. In order to realise all of these benefits, be sure to procure modern carts of high quality for your tugger train system. You are sure to find the perfect solutions in the PEK3 product range!

Requirements for tugger train carts

From heavy goods to small material quantities or cartons packaged for shipment – with a tugger train consisting of multiple carts, you can easily move exactly the right quantities within your warehouse or production hall. The appropriate design of the cart through individual configuration is a key requirement here. When you choose a PEK3 product, you are well positioned in this regard because there is no need to make do with a standard version. With the help of our proven Easytube pipe racking system, you can build a tailor-made solution to meet your needs – or have it built by us. We offer a wide range of special equipment and accessories – from blocks and supports to double doors and integrated load securing devices to all-round impact protection. Talk to us about your specific, individual needs. The PEK3 team is happy to provide you with detailed advice.

PEK3 Routenzugwagen

Reduce costs with tugger train systems from PEK3

No question about it: A good tugger train system comes at a cost. But with a smart design and high-quality products, such as the top-class tugger train carts from PEK3, such an investment should quickly pay for itself. Aside from the savings in terms of muscle strength and time, such a solution for internal transportation, transshipment and warehousing processes also has ecological benefits. The PEK3 team provides comprehensive support. What’s more, you receive all products distributed by us at consistently fair prices and with the best service. Just the way you are accustomed to from our other products and services. After all, we want you to be fully satisfied with your new tugger train system and happy with the costing of the required carts in all respects. Contact us at any time for an individual quotation!

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