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Polyurethane resins

Polyurethane resins belong to a group of polymer compounds that contain a ‘urethane’ link. This material type is highly versatile and can be formulated to have a wide range of properties. Polyurethanes create superior bonds requiring minimal surface preparation for high performance thermoplastics. As such, curing is achieved via a catalyst, through heat or by air evaporation. Polyurethanes have many uses, primarly as foams (flexible and rigid), and for insulation or mouldings.

We have formulated a range of polyurethanes for electrical and electronic encapsulation, cable joining, sonar devices, moulding and prototyping resins.

EL116F Polyurethane Composite Polyurethanharz

EL116F Polyurethane Composite

EL116F is a low-viscosity, semi-rigid polyurethane resin system used for the encapsulation of sensitive components.

EL116F Polyurethane Composite Polyurethanharz

EL116L Polyurethane Composite

EL116L is a very low viscosity, semi-flexible polyurethane resin system, exhibiting high electrical strength and low shrinkage.

EL171H Polyurethane Composite Polyurethanharz

EL171H Polyurethane Composite

EL171H is a semi-rigid, room temperature curing, flame retardant, polyurethane resin system.

EL199HP Polyurethane Composite Polyurethanharz

EL199HP Polyurethane Composite

EL199HP is a flame retardant, high performance, low viscosity, polyurethane resin system. 250g twinpack.

EL217C Polyurethane Composite Polyurethanharz

EL217C Polyurethane Composite

EL217C is a two-part, room temperature curing polyurethane system. 250g twinpack.

EL225D Polyurethane Composite Polyurethanharz

EL225D Polyurethane Composite

EL225D is a low viscosity, semi-rigid polyurethane resin system exhibiting high electrical strength, toughness and adhesion.

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