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With the Easytube pipe racking system, PEK3 has created a modular solution that helps industry customers optimise their organisation and operating processes. It is used primarily in assembly lines, production and warehousing. Only a few different components are needed for the compact, easy to understand system. This makes the setup, conversion and occasional maintenance much simpler and less costly compared to other systems.

Sturdiness, reduced space requirements and eco-friendliness are additional convincing features of the Easytube system. Using steel makes our system components more sustainable and economically priced than aluminium profiles, for example. All components are also easy to reuse and recycle.

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Easytube for ergonomic workstations

As an employer, you share responsibility for the health and safety of your employees. That is why workplace ergonomics is one of the basic prerequisites for the protection of employee health. Various back and joint complaints are among the most common clinical pictures today that can be prevented with an optimal posture and by avoiding work movements. With Easytube from PEK3, you receive a highly flexible system with a modular structure for equipping workstations that can be adapted to industry-specific conditions quickly and easily. This system supports individual solutions for all kinds of operations.

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Ergonomic workstation design in assembly and its benefits

Ergonomics also makes a crucial contribution to efficiency, the precision of task execution and individual productivity. The ergonomic design of workstations in assembly and production is advantageous because recurring tasks often have to be performed over longer periods of time in these areas, even today.

In particular, proper ergonomics also has to take the personal and individual needs of each employee into account – for example, height, range of motion or body weight. Unnatural movements that cause strain can be prevented in this way. Employee motivation is improved and time missed due to illness is reduced. In summary, ergonomic workstation design in assembly and production has numerous benefits for both employees and employers.

Natürliche Bewegungsabläufe unterstützen

Extended sitting as well as standing places great strain on the human body. An ideal working posture is neither one nor the other. That is why health professionals recommend switching frequently between sitting and standing tasks during working hours. Worktables should therefore have the flexibility to easily adjust their height. Standing aids or sit-stand chairs that relieve strain on the back and legs are also helpful. Frequently used materials and parts should be stored in racks so they can be removed between hip and chest height while standing. Among other things, this avoids constantly bending over. The Easytube lift system provides an ergonomic solution. It allows the ideal working height to be selected for each shift or employee.

An ergonomically equipped workstation includes more than appropriate tables, chairs or racks. Other factors also need to be taken into account. Balanced, adequate lighting must be provided. Natural daylight is of course ideal, supplemented by artificial light where needed. The LED system lights from PEK3 provide ideal illumination thanks to their first-class design and optional dimming feature. Appropriate sound protection, possibly supplemented by direct hearing protection measures, may also be required depending on the environment. Excessive noise quickly leads to symptoms of stress and reduced concentration.

Ergonomics also includes machines, tools and other work equipment that are as easy and simple to operate as possible. Easy handling facilitates work, protects the joints and makes hand and arm pain a thing of the past.

Encourage active participation by your employees

The employees themselves can contribute to workplace ergonomics and health protection as well – for example, through active work habits with short breaks and brief exercises to limber up. Intentional deep breathing supplies more oxygen to the body. This improves blood circulation and therefore also the ability to concentrate. Sufficient hydration, ideally by drinking water, also has a positive impact. This activates the metabolism and can prevent complaints such as headaches. As the employer, you should ask and encourage your employees to put these suggestions into practice.

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We advise and support you

If you are thinking about better, more cost-effective solutions for ergonomic workstation design in assembly or production, you should talk to us. The experts at PEK3 are happy to advise you in detail regarding the features, possibilities and advantages of the proven Easytube pipe racking system and other aspects of ergonomics.

The bottom line:
Good ergonomics leads to work of high quality.

Precision assembly has a major influence on the quality of your goods and products. Wherever finishing is not done by machines but manually by people, good ergonomics improves employee satisfaction and motivation. Employees who are free of physical complaints can fully focus on their task, which means they produce work of better quality. When it comes to ergonomics, cutting corners wastes a great deal of potential. With our modular systems for workstation design, we at PEK3 do our part to improve your productivity and quality.

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